Role: Lead 3D Artist, Design Team Maneger
Duties:  3d Department lead, Technical Art Direction, Project planning, Pipeline Setup, 3D Asset creation and sourcing approval, and management. 
Scheduling and Task management.  
Client-side Liason.
As the lead 3D Artist and Design Team Manager for Nextnow, I had the privilege of working on the Nissan Augmented Reality Showroom App commercial and the AR Mobile App itself. This endeavor was a thrilling challenge, where we aimed to seamlessly bridge the gap between the virtual and the real, crafting experiences that were both educational and captivating. Our mission was centered on illuminating the unseen wonders of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility advanced safety technologies—innovations that typically went unnoticed during standard test drives.
Throughout my years at Nextnow, this project stood out as a testament to our team's commitment to merging storytelling with groundbreaking technology. The integration of the mobile app within the commercial was particularly meaningful, as it encouraged viewers not only to engage with the narrative we created but also to explore the app firsthand, delving into the depth of Nissan's cutting-edge safety features.

To achieve this, we employed a seamless blend of offline and real-time shots, meticulously integrating them to create a cohesive narrative that transports viewers from their everyday reality into the innovative world of augmented reality. This approach allowed us to accurately portray the intricacies of Nissan's technology in an engaging and understandable way, ensuring that each viewer could grasp the full scope of Nissan's vision for safer, more intelligent driving.
Our team pushed the boundaries of traditional advertising, employing state-of-the-art 3D modeling, animation, and AR technology to bring Nissan's Intelligent Mobility to life in a way that was both informative and visually stunning. Through a carefully choreographed mix of virtual demonstrations and real-world scenarios, we highlighted the tangible benefits of Nissan's advanced safety technologies, making the invisible, visible.

Reflecting on this project, it highlights our dedication to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality and automotive excellence. Both the commercial and the Nissan Augmented Reality Showroom App were pivotal in educating and inspiring consumers about the future possibilities of technology and transportation. This work remains a significant part of my portfolio, showcasing the impact of our efforts to bring innovative concepts to life at Nextnow.

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