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As a Creative Director, I thrive at the intersection of gaming and experiential technology, with a decade-long background in the industry. Starting at Electronic Arts (EA) in 2006, I moved on after to collaborate with top studios like High Voltage Software and Forever Interactive, refining my skills in visual storytelling and innovation.
 I've mentored emerging talents and spent the last eight years at Next/Now, an award-winning Chicago Agency, pushing the boundaries of emerging tech as Director of CG. 

With a passion for innovation, I'm driven to elevate creative output and transform bold visions into tangible realities. Seeking opportunities to collaborate and bring compelling stories to life. Let's connect and create something unique!


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Client List: 
Calm, Adidas Intel, McDonald's, Under Armour, Mazda, BP, Goodyear, LG, The NBA, Farmers Insurance, Morton Salt,  Michelin, Darpa
Just to name a few.
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