First and foremost  I want to say,  Thank You!
I really appreciate you stopping by.  
I am a Passionate  CG Director and 3D Generalist with a specialization in Real-Time Development focused on emerging technologies.  Starting my Career back in 2006  at Electronic Arts(EA) I've navigated the Video Game industry for close to 10 years.  Having a thirst for collaboration and teaching lead me to inspire the next generation at the college level for over 5 years.   Fast forward to today  For the last 7 years, I have worked in the experiential space at the forefront of emerging tech. 
Never losing that thirst to create and learn new things I am constantly on the lookout for new pipelines and processes that will evolve my skillset to the next level. 

Please reach out and let's connect!
Thank you!
Client List: 
Calm, Adidas Intel, McDonald's, Under Armour, Mazda, BP, Goodyear, LG, The NBA, Farmers Insurance, Morton Salt,  Michelin, Darpa
Just to name a few.
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