First and foremost  I want to say,  Thank You!

I really appreciate you stopping by. I am Passionate Technical Art Director and 3D Generalist with a specialization in Real-Time Development focused on emerging technologies.  Starting my Career back in 2006  at Electronic Arts(EA) I've navigated the Video Game industry for close to 10 years. This has allowed me to work at some amazing studios, Having a thirst for collaboration and teaching lead me to inspire the next generation at the college level for over 5 years. Always looking to grow and improve I never lost that thirst to create eventually this lead me to the Experiential space. 
​​​​​​​  Below is a list of the many clients I have had the amazing opportunity to collab with.  
Please reach out and let's connect!
Thank you!
Client List: 
Calm, Adidas Intel, McDonald's, Under Armour, Mazda, BP, Goodyear, LG, the NBA, Farmers Insurance, Morton Salt,
Michelin, Darpa, etc.
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