I had the pleasure and opportunity to work Directly with the Morton Salt team alongside my colleagues at Nextnow Agency to create a  two unique experience that brought to life the Morton salts brand into homes of many American during the pandemic. Morton Salt chose Nextnow Agency to help them deliver their first AR experiences to market. 
This was a two stage roll out first  creating a interactive. Product showcase  highlighting their new packaging of their signature salts.

With the final  experience encouraging it’s customers. To Erase the food waste with a lovable Line up of common kitchen food items that go forgotten. 

Role: Director of CG
Duties: 3d Department lead, Technical Art Direction, Project planning, Pipeline Setup, 3D Asset sourcing approval, and management. Scheduling and Task management. Client-side Liason.

Case study overview of the vignetted animated experiences found in the Morton Salt AR App.

Technical Art Direction, CG Supervision, and 3D Design :
Besides overseeing the real-time Web AR 3d development pipeline and execution of the project that is handled by my 3d  department,  At Nextnow agency I manage the process of getting all of the departments on the same page during any given project which includes working with the Design and Development department.  Each of our Departments has an important hand in the development process and it is my job to help troubleshoot and problem-solve issues that may arrive.  The ultimate goal is to achieve to look and feel the Creative Director's original envision for our clients and make that a  reality. 

The following are some production snapshots  from the different experiences and examples of Technical art direction  I gave while on the two projects.  The main goals for both apps was to wow the user by creating fun and playful  Animation sequences that keep the user engaged enough to complete the experience . The goal internally was to push animation to the next level and raise the bar on what is expected when you experience our Web Ar app Running on your mobile device.  

One example is in the creation of our intro for the app.  We wanted a certain playful Mograph esthetic to the design. The creative director wanted a synchronized swimming type of sequence using Morton Salts' new lineup of salt bottles while incorporating the iconic umbrella.

Often times I will provide a sketch or a drawing or in this case a 3d mockup  of the sequence  in a mini storyboard  style to show the artist or in This case remote designer  how the sequence should flow . It’s my job to keep the original  signed off idea  Intact as it makes it through the production process.

Providing detailed feedback to artist and designers was key in keeping the vision the creative Director  set in the design process. Helping the 3d artist or our 

Experiential  designer  achieve it and bring the vision to life is what I like the most about my job.

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