Role: Lead 3D Artist, Design Team Manager
Duties:  Technical Art Direction, Pipeline Setup, 
3D Asset creation, Styleframe creation 
Co-Contributor:  David Najarian (Art Direction) (Notch Designer)(Installation)
The Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL) at Walmart features an innovative LED wall that interacts dynamically with shoppers passing by. The LED wall is a testament to the store's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with the shopping experience, transforming it from a place for transactions to an interactive and engaging space for customers. It is a perfect example of how digital installations can enhance the retail environment, blending art and technology to captivate and entertain the customers.

Ilustrative Styleframe created for LED wall (v1)
Ilustrative Styleframe created for LED wall (v1)
Ilustrative Style frams created for LED wall (v2)
Ilustrative Style frams created for LED wall (v2)
Nextnow presented various ideas to the client during our design and discovery process. After careful consideration, my design was selected as it represented Walmart's fun in-store iconography and branding in a playful 2D format. The design featured white bubble-like spheres that revealed branding underneath. We collaborated and iterated on the design, incorporating 2D and 3D geometry assets on the screen. In addition, we used the branding iconography as textures to further enhance the 3D design.

Walmart's Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL) in Levittown, New York, represents a pioneering venture into the future of physical retail, blending cutting-edge technology with traditional shopping experiences. This lab, housed within one of Walmart's busiest locations, leverages artificial intelligence-enabled cameras, interactive displays, and an extensive data center to enhance the shop and the shopping experience, from inventory management to customer service. IRL's innovative approach aims to demonstrate how AI can revolutionize retail, making shopping more efficient and enjoyable for customers while streamlining tasks for associates.

For a detailed overview of the store's concept and features, please visit Walmart's IRL webpage.

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