Role: CG Director, 
Duties: 3d Department lead, Technical Art Direction, Project planning, Pipeline Setup, 
3D Asset creation, 3d asset optimization, Asset Art direction, and  3D Asset sourcing 
3d Department Scheduling and Task Management.  

Other Contributors:
Jr Motion Designer: Billy Woods

NEXT/NOW collaborated with United Airlines to create scenes that would mirror the natural awe of Colorado’s landscapes in various seasons. Over 150 feet of custom content was designed and animated to reflect the epic views enjoyed in flight. As the United team provides a seamless check-in process, the customer gets a centering moment to admire the view.
We explored ideas that involved two different methods. One was a Real-time approach where I designed a layout that my CG team created using Unreal. The other was a PreRender approach that was assigned to our design department using Cinema 4D. Ultimately, we chose the Cinema 4D approach due to the time it took to render both of the videos. The Pre-render approach provided the most flexibility, with the procedural foliage plugin system we used allowing us to create the look we wanted. Once we finalized on this approach, I provided our Jr motion designer with assets and worked with him on the layout. I also provided terrain models that I created, which ultimately helped with lighting and art direction.  

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